Our Story

When one family member has cancer, everyone in the household becomes affected by that struggle.  Besides medical expenses, cancer is costly in many ways. Families need transportation, meals out, car maintenance and a host of other expenses.   The Gretchen Weller Foundation helps to bridge some of these gaps. See our informational video HERE


“The day I found your gift in my mailbox was my first day back at work since mid July. It was a long and difficult day with all the fatigue after surgery. Your letter and gift card made me feel blessed, like I’m not the only one in a tough spot. It was truly a beautiful realization. Next week I meet my chemo team and begin my journey. It will help me to count my many blessings and not sweat the other stuff. I will say a prayer for Gretchen and her family and the people in her power circle. Thank you so much!”

— Gretchen Weller Foundation Gift Card Recipient


Gretchen Weller is a wife and mother in our Ellensburg community who is currently fighting a battle with cancer, and her spirit and strength inspired this local foundation. Our local community is spectacularly generous and we take care of one another. Knowing that, the Board wanted to develop a non-profit organization specifically for the community of Kittitas County and its families facing this disease. All donations to this foundation benefit local patients, and because administrative costs are covered separately by designated donors, 100% of all other contributions are spent directly on gifts to support friends, families, and neighbors fighting cancer.

Started in 2015, The Gretchen Weller Foundation is a registered 501c3.